The backbone of my real estate business is ultimately to make each and every one of my clients feel like they are my only client. I pride myself on providing the same high level of service, whether it is your first home or your dream home. This includes being an exceptional listener in determining what your needs and wants are, resulting in the end goal you desire. By fine tuning details in the beginning, I can save you time and energy by finding exactly what you are looking for, such as an investment property, a second home, a vacant lot to build on, or a permanent residence.

I find it very exciting and rewarding to be a part of converting my clients’ dreams into reality. Creating new chapters in your lives through facilitating a real estate transaction that will ensure beautiful beach memories with your family at your new home, positive returns on your investment property, or moving your family into a new permanent home here on the Emerald Coast, is the focus of my real estate business.

With extensive knowledge of Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, and the 30A corridor, you can be assured that I will steer you in the right direction to the area that will fit your needs and desires.

When selling your property, I am there every step of the way. Highlighting the most important features of your home along with the area in which the property is located, competitively pricing your home, and strategically negotiating the contract will ensure a smooth closing. I market your home in the most unique ways with professional photos, holding open houses, and strategically using my social and digital media platforms to place your property in front of as many buyers as possible, and reducing the amount of time your home is on the market.

Together, whether buying or selling, I promise to give you the best experience in this new chapter of your life!



As an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, Spinning® Instructor, and TRX instructor, you can find me on any given day of the week, instructing a functional TRX class or leading an intense strength or spinning class at a local gym, studio, or fitness facility along scenic Highway 30A.

I started my health and fitness journey at a very young age. At five years old, I was immediately hooked on the love of sports the second I stepped onto a dirt softball field. I continued to play softball and then picked up basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading through junior high and then high school. This upbringing turned into my lifelong desire to stay active and fit, so I can enjoy life in its healthiest form.

Becoming a fitness professional and coach has brought so much joy into my adult life. I thrive on learning and educating myself on the most safe, effective, and fun modalities of exercise and overall fitness, which I can then implement into classes and introduce to clients.

I’m a huge believer in functional training for our bodies. With functional training, we train muscles to work with each other, which helps better prepare our bodies to perform normal daily tasks. The focus of functional training is on making common daily movements easier, whereas normal training often revolves around either weight loss or the aesthetic appearance of the body. TRX training, as well as strength training, are valuable tools in helping our bodies move better, and feel better, with the added benefits of looking better and feeling more confident overall.

Spinning provides a fun and energizing experience in a group setting. Most classes are filled with a close knit community of people who are not only friends in the spin room, but out in the community as well. A spin class can give you a great bang for your buck as far as time spent and calories burned. Being on a stationary bike also provides you with a low impact exercise, with less stress to the knees and joints, when compared with other aerobic or running exercises. I enjoy introducing new people to spinning, as it can be a little intimidating. I promise to set you up correctly, guide you with the proper cues, and create a motivating ride with an awesome playlist to keep you engaged… and not watching the clock!