What’s so great about a spin class you ask? Well… quite a few things actually!

I’ve been in some really small rooms with a lot of stationary bikes, making this a “get to know your neighbor” kind of workout. Typically in a small group setting, a spin class builds camaraderie with other fitness minded individuals, and before you know it, new friendships and/or business relationships are formed, which extend beyond the four walls of the spin room.  For that reason alone, I became hooked on Spinning! Most everyone surrounding you will have at least one thing in common….they like to sweat and get a big bang with their caloric burn in a relatively short amount of time.  The other reasons might be different for each individual in the class, but at the end of the workout, everyone in the room has just taken a step forward in their own personal fitness journey.

There are numerous additional benefits about a Spinning workout!  Let me count the ways……

Burn Calories

A traditional Spinning workout lasting 45-50 minutes may allow you to burn around 500 calories, which is a huge amount when compared to other types of workouts. For each individual, the amount of calories burned will fluctuate with the intensity of the workout. Generally speaking, the more resistance you are loading onto the bike, the higher the working intensity will be, resulting in a higher caloric burn. My members know when I say “Turn the Knob,” we are about to raise the level that at which we are working!

Build Muscle Tone

Spinning workouts will help you build muscle tone. Spinning is a quadricep, hamstring and glute dominant workout. By increasing (“turn the knob!”) and decreasing the tension on the bike, you are simulating biking on an incline, or climbing a hill, riding on a flat surface with moderate tension, and sprinting, either on a hill or a flat surface. Secondarily, stabilizing your spine throughout the workout also involves the engagement of your core muscles.

Heart Health/Stress Management

One of the most obvious benefits of Spinning is Heart Health. Through this form or cardiovascular training we are improving our lung capacity. As we work harder (intensity), we will also learn to work on our controlled breathing. This can help with stress and anxiety by lowering the heart rate in situations where physical exertion or environmental conditions begin to take your breath away.

Low Impact Exercise

A Spinning workout will put far less pressure on your knees and your feet than other traditional cardio alternatives. This can make Spinning that much more enticing because you are able to focus on your goals and results with less fears about potential injuries. Spinning tends to improve joint and tendon health also, which will allow you to keep Spinning well into your golden years.

Relieve Stress and Have Fun

Regardless of your fitness level, Spinning unifies groups of people through hard work and dedication. Can I get an “Amen” from my 6AM (ers) for their dedication! As you find yourself showing up to your spin class, awaiting your fellow fitness friends, riding the same bikes beside each other, day after day, with your “people,” you begin to realize that you are motivating each other. Holding one another accountable. You’re more than just students in a class, you have become a team. This exercise may no longer feel like a chore in your life, you may actually look forward to it and find that some of your daily stress has been reduced because it is FUN! Any of my members know that music is a huge influence in my fitness. For me, music is high up there on my “What motivates me?” list. As an instructor, I make sure that I am playing encouraging and motivating music that never gets boring!

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